Terms & Conditions of Participation
1) The contest - (a)participation and attendance is open to ALL Ranks from ALL departments
(Deck/ Engine/ Electrical/ Salon/ Ratings).
(b) ALL Students who are studying any course related to the Maritime Industry. We encourage institutes to select participants from various courses and add dynamism to the event

2) Each participating institute is permitted to enrol a maximum of 34 contestants in total
(spread over the various activities).

3) The contestants must be enrolled in one of the courses at the college at time of the event & the name of the course has to be mentioned in the attached Excel sheet. The organisers can cross check this detail and any non enrolled student or ex- student if found - will be immediately removed from the list

Students who have taken part in Naughtica 2017/18 and still continuing their courses can take part in the regular categories mentioned in this form. Their earlier Naughtica ID will have to mentioned in the excel sheet when filling up their details

4) Each contestant will be allowed to participate in a maximum of 1 Competitive Activity (This does not include activities which have 'on spot' registrations. Anyone can take part in these, provided they are not expected in another activity at the same time)

5) The organisers will provide FREE sharing accommodation and breakfast to all registered participants
(this does NOT include colleges enrolled from the territories of CHENNAI including ECR / Mahabalipuram).
We will provide:
  • 2 nights of accommodation - 12th noon to 14th morning (Check-Out before proceeding to Venue on 14th April)

  • Breakfast on 13th & 14th April 2019 at the respected Hotel

  • Lunch will be provided to all registered participants on 13th & 14th April at the Venue. This includes participants from Chennai territories (Not audience).

6) The participating institutes shall remain responsible for ensuring that all content that is presented by the nominated participants in non-objectionable in any manner (including but not limited to - caste, creed, gender, nation, any profession and prohibit using objectionable language)

The organisers reserve the right to eliminate any participant/ institute or party who presents any content that may be objectionable in any manner

7) Consumption of Alcoholic beverages, Smoking or any form of drugs will be strictly prohibited at the event venue during all times

8) The attendees will be subject to security checks as required by the state or any other legislation

9) 'NAUGHTICA' is a brand entity of the organisers - Offing Group Private Limited. The participating institutes may use same for promoting their participation on any media/website/Mobile App- only AFTER enrolment & with prior official agreement by Offing Group Pvt Ltd

10) Offing Group Private Limited reserves the right to declare the entity of participating institutes on all branding/advertising/articles in all forms of media

11) Each contestant will be provided with a Naughtica ID that must be worn on person at all times during the event

12) Food and beverages from outside the venue are NOT permitted to be carried

13) Dress Code:
- Apparel (t-shirts with logos) that is used to brand the institute is permitted
- Participants who choose to wear Uniforms must adhere to professionalism and respect for same at all times

This is a College Festival and students/ colleges are encouraged to get creative with the attire, masks, flags and any other material that can add flavour to the mood of the festival.

14) Offing would like to encourage all students from the Maritime colleges in and around Chennai to come and cheer for their college mates and experience one of the largest college festivals in the Maritime Fraternity.